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Annual Appeal

December 1, 2021 @ 8:00 am - December 31, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

Our Annual Appeal: A Survivor Story

This holiday season, you can provide victims with a path to safety by donating to Partners. We help our clients find the courage to navigate the legal system and seek safety for themselves and their children. The journey isn’t easy as many face stalking, harassment, isolation, financial abuse and physical abuse along the way, but their perseverance inspires us. Below is the story of one survivor who, with the help of Partners, found her way out of abuse.

Donate now to help domestic and sexual violence survivors.

A Survivor Story

Emerge Braver

The past two years have been the hardest in my life. But I have learned that I am brave and strong.

He was charismatic. My friends and family loved him. He showered me with affection and called me beautiful. He told me he admired my career. He called himself my permanent volunteer and became involved in everything I did. We moved in together and started a great life.

I thought he loved me.

He started to question the amount of time I was spending at work, texting to ask when I would be home and calling several times after work to ask where I was.

I thought he was worried about my health and safety, but that’s how he started harassing me.

When my father became ill, he encouraged me to leave my job to care for him. He took over responsibility for our finances. After a while, he told me we could no longer afford “extras,” like my yoga membership and my coffee dates with friends.

I thought he was being kind and supportive, but that’s how he started isolating me and limiting my financial resources.

Without my knowledge, he installed cameras in our home and software on my computer. He stole my mail and tracked me through my phone. He called all day asking what I was doing. He showed up wherever I was.

I thought he missed me, but that’s how he started stalking me.

After my father died, I tried to take back some of the financial responsibilities but the passwords to all of my accounts no longer worked. I repeatedly told him that my passwords were changed, but he would reply that I was confused and not remembering things correctly.

I thought he was being honest, but this was how he started gaslighting and stealing from me.

When I questioned him, he became agitated and aggressive. He called me terrible names and said I was ugly. He threw me across the room and onto the bed. He pushed my face into the pillow and pinned me down with his body weight. I couldn’t breathe.

I thought he respected me, but this was when he started hitting me.

After the second time he hit me, I found a chef’s knife at my place on the dining room table.

I thought he wouldn’t do it again, but this was when he started threatening me.

I began to have panic attacks, and I was constantly confused. I trembled and cried. He laughed. I lost my self-esteem. I couldn’t make simple decisions, not even about what to eat or what to wear.

I thought I could no longer trust my own judgement. I needed help.

I found Partners.

I thought I was crazy, but the Partners advocate told me I wasn’t. She said, “This is domestic violence.

With the help of Partners, I got a final restraining order and started to take back my life.

I thought it was me, but Partners helped me realize that it was him and that this wasn’t love.

My story is the story of so many domestic violence victims who see no way out from abuse. Thankfully, Partners was there to guide me to a path to safety and justice.

Unfortunately, not all victims are so lucky.

Donate now to help other survivors, like me, emerge from domestic violence stronger, braver, safer, and empowered.


December 1, 2021 @ 8:00 am
December 31, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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