Advancing Policy on Behalf of Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Partners’ advocacy strives to advance legal protections and justice for survivors throughout the Garden State. We focus on the issues affecting marginalized survivors and work to eliminate racism and misogyny in the civil and criminal systems. 

Partners participates in State and County committees, including the Supreme Court Statewide Domestic Violence Working Group, the New Jersey Domestic Violence Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board, the Supreme Court Family Practice Committee, the Supreme Court Committee on Women in the Courts, and the Supreme Court Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Working Group.

To advance this work Partners:

  • Conducts in depth research and analysis to support policy recommendations;
  • Advances legislative ideas and provides information to legislators about the likely impact of proposed bills;
  • Litigates appeals and advocates for survivors in friend of the court briefs that implicate legislative and or constitutional rights; and
  • Works In coalition with allied groups to expand economic and racial justice.

Partners’ priorities are:

  • Enhancing Victim Safety
  • Expanding Access to Justice
  • Protecting Children of Domestic Violence

Policy Reports

Partners’ policy reports utilize qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to reveal the complex issues adversely affecting domestic violence and sexual assault victims. We advocate for policy solutions to advance equity and safety, especially for marginalized survivors.

Enhance Victim Safety

New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act and Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act provide survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault with robust legal protections. Nevertheless, systemic and implicit bias in the courts and law enforcement results in less protection for marginalized survivors


Expand Access to Justice

In courtrooms every day, Partners has first-hand knowledge of the challenges survivors encounter in navigating the courts without legal representation, financial resources, or English proficiency.  Partners is dedicated to expanding access to justice so that victims are heard in court, understand court processes, and are able to obtain meaningful protection from further abuse and can safely leave their abusers.

adult holds child's hand


Children often witness acts of domestic violence and experience trauma, as a result of exposure to violence in the home. In addition, they suffer direct economic impacts. Partners seeks to secure custody and safe visitation arrangements and to address systemic barriers to securing and collecting child support.


Partners is a source of information about the need for and impact of proposed legislation and regulations.