Ripple Effects of Domestic Violence: Alnetta’s Story

Author: Partners | Date: February 29, 2024

partners stops the ripple effects of domestic violence
partners stops the ripple effects of domestic violence

Alnetta's Story

Too often, domestic violence is reduced to that one incident — when law enforcement was called, that day that someone didn’t come into work, or the night the neighbors overheard. In truth, the ripple effects of domestic violence extend far beyond that one incident.

Partners transforms lives through justice, not only by securing restraining orders that break the cycle of domestic violence and secures safety for victims but also holistically ensuring legally the victim has the resources needed to stop the ripple effect.

Ripple Effect: Financial Instability

Alnetta lived abroad with her children when she met her husband. He was traveling on a trip for work when they fell in love. She married him and followed him back to the US with his promise of a better life.

Alnetta and her children moved in with her new husband’s family. The whole family was attentive to her, she felt welcomed into this new family.

A few months later, things began to change. Her husband began to cut off her means of communication with her family back home. Despite feeling lonely all the time, she was never allowed to be alone.

Once isolated from everyone she knew, Alnetta’s husband said he wanted to protect her property. He transferred the money Alnetta saved from her life before into his bank account. Without a job or contact with her family, Alnetta was now completely dependent on her husband, her abuser, to survive.


Alnetta became confused, upset, and afraid. Had she made a mistake in marrying her husband? Should she have stayed in her country? Her abuser left her alone with his family more and more, saying he was working to build them a good life and she should be grateful. When he was home, he would call her names and when she complained he would burst out in anger.

She became depressed and constantly anxious. She felt powerless.

She begged to be able to contact her family or go back home.


The more Alnetta questioned and resisted, the more the abuse escalated.

One day, after spending hours preparing dinner, her mother-in-law complained it was poorly made. When Alnetta tried to explain herself, her mother-in-law exploded with rage, forcing Alnetta’s arm onto the hot stovetop. Weeks later, another failed meal, she was burned again.

The physical abuse continued.


With Alnetta distraught over her situation and distracted in trying to care for her injuries, her abuser’s family began to take more control of her children. They stopped attending school, started acting out at home, and became aggressive with Alnetta when she tried to discipline them. When her abuser would yell in anger the children would run to their room for safety.

Addressing the Ripple Effects of Domestic Violence

These are just a few of the ripple effects of domestic violence.  These effects can be felt for years afterward or even the survivor’s entire life.

When Partners takes a victim’s case not only do we fight for the victim’s future safety by having the court issue a restraining order against contact from the abuser but we also use our unique expertise in domestic violence law and client-centered approach to ensure the victim receives the resources necessary to stop the ripple effect of domestic violence.

Partners advocates on behalf of the victim for financial relief in terms of the return of property or payment for the loss suffered, reimbursement of expenses incurred due to the abuse, counseling fees, medical bill coverage, costs for medication, and continued health insurance coverage.

In addition, if children are involved we ensure the court orders a visitation risk assessment, proper custody awards, safe and appropriate child visitation arrangements, child support, and fees for child therapy.

Fortunately, Partners was there for Alnetta and we were able to help her transform her life.

You can provide victims with a path to safety and relief by donating to Partners. With your support, we can help them emerge from abuse stronger, braver, safer, and empowered.

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