Julie A. Murphy, Esq.

Author: Partners | Date: March 19, 2021

JULIE A. MURPHY, ESQ.Early in her career, Julie worked as a counselor at a domestic violence program in New Jersey. She realized that there was power in the law and decided to go to law school. After graduation, Julie went to work for Union County Legal Services, where she remained for six years, representing clients in domestic violence and family law matters. She then went on to become the head of strategy for Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), a national organization dedicated to girl-centered leadership. During her tenure, GSUSA created a transformational strategy, which led to the total redesign of the girl scouts program and to the merger of over 200 affiliate organizations. These changes resulted in financially stronger organizations and a better Girl Scout experience for girls. After 10 years with the Girl Scouts, and driven by a desire to inspire others to become effective leaders, she founded Oakwood Leadership. At Oakwood, Julie consulted with many organizations on leadership development and coaching. She also delivered customized programs on emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness.

Julie holds an undergraduate degree from Rutgers College and a law degree from Brooklyn Law School. She is a certified mindfulness teacher with the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Leadership Institute, teaching the SIY program developed and tested at Google.

“The heart and real commitment that goes into working for a mission-driven organization inspires me deeply. It is a privilege to bring my leadership to the great women and men who have committed to helping the most vulnerable, bringing voice to their struggle, and supporting empowerment.”