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Join our team! You need to be an attorney who is licensed or eligible to practice law in the state of New Jersey and willing to work on a case in one of the following counties: Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Passaic, and Union.

Information about Volunteering

Final Restraining Order Hearings

Volunteers attorneys take the lead in developing case strategy and trial preparation. They meet with the client to review and prepare testimony. Volunteers procure evidence and interview and subpoena witnesses.  Volunteer attorneys provide critical information for clients to make informed legal decisions regarding their case outcomes. Partners’ attorneys are available to help with case preparation and second seat a volunteer attorneys’ first case. A final restraining order case typically takes 15-20 hours. If you donate 25 hours, you will qualify to claim an exemption from court-mandated Madden pro bono assignments.

Child Custody, Child Support Hearings and Post Judgment Relief Matters

Volunteer attorneys provide direct representation to victims in actions for child custody, support, and visitation and hearings for post-judgment relief in family court.  They meet with the client to prepare the case and secure supportive documentation. Although discovery is generally very limited in these types of matters, attorneys will conduct discovery, as needed. In some cases, volunteers may draft certifications or briefs in support of their client’s position. In most matters, written submissions are noncomplex and do not require extensive legal research and writing. Motion hearings are generally resolved after short oral argument. Partners’ attorneys are available to help with case preparation and second seat a volunteer attorneys’ first case. These types of matters typically take 8-20 hours per case and matters frequently resolve on the initial hearing date.

Advice and Counsel

Volunteer attorneys provide telephonic advice on domestic violence, child custody, and support matters. Advice and counsel sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the volunteer and the firm. Telephonic consults are generally an hour in duration. At least three business days before the consult, a volunteer attorney will receive a client case file to review and prepare legal advice. Partners’ attorneys are available to help with advice preparation and will assist with a volunteer’s first advice consult. This type of case is ideal for volunteers wishing to integrate pro bono work into their practice while managing a full caseload. An advice and counsel session typically takes 3-5 hours per case, including the live consult.

Appeals and Complex Litigation

Volunteer attorneys provide legal representation to clients or to Partners appearing as amicus curiae before the Appellate Division and New Jersey Supreme Court in cases involving significant legal issues of first impression that impact domestic violence and sexual assault victims’ access to justice.

Policy Initiatives

Volunteer attorneys interested in systems reform can collaborate with Partners on initiatives to enhance victim safety, expand access to justice, and protect children.

Legal Research and Writing

Volunteer attorneys research and contribute to legal treatise and articles on court policies and procedures that impact domestic violence and sexual assault victims. They draft legal memoranda and pro bono guides on nuanced evidentiary issues and domestic violence law.